Country people in NSW and Victoria are fed up with being ignored. We need a new state. 

We call this movement Rexit, which is short for regional exit.

If somebody sneezes hundreds of miles away, they shut down our businesses and separate us from our families.

They lock us out of public land and destroy tourism; they fail to manage risks from bushfires; while full rivers flow past our farms, they forbid irrigation and force us to watch our communities wither and die. They force us to drive unnaturally slowly on safe country roads, leading to deaths from fatigue.

Meanwhile, they spend public money meant for regional areas in satellite cities, and billions on city tram and light rail projects, and nothing on rail services in the country.

So, have you had enough of city centric management?

The answer is Rexit.

The regional areas of NSW and Victoria can create a super-state of more than 1 million people – a powerhouse of agriculture, mining and tourism.

Join us and our movement to create a new state and ensure we are no longer taken for granted.

The only way forward is to push to create a new state.

It’s time for Rexit.

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